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Expert Integrator in Energy-Propulsion Systems

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Alternatives Energies
  1. Historique de la société, Philippe PALLU DE LA BARRIERE, directeur du CRAIN


    After the victory during the solar boat European challenge, Alternatives Energies was founded by Philippe PALLU DE LA BARRIERE, director of CRAIN.

  2. Historique de la société, Premier bateau 100% électrique à Passager

    First Boat

    La Rochelle: First Passenger Boat 100% electric. The “passeur” is able to accept 30 pax and to join La Ville en bois to the Vieux Port. It is quipped with 2 electrical motors in board.

  3. Mise en service à La Rochelle du Passeur Electrique 2

    Electrical Shuttle

    2nd Shuttle was commissioned at La Rochelle. Pax flow was double.
    The 2 Shuttles was equipped with an induction system to charge battery at each stop.

  4. Historique de la société, partenariat avec EVE SYSTEM


    Begin of the partnership with EVE System, expert in supply electronical system for electrical vehicle.

    General Director

    Julian HELENE joins the company. Naval architect, he is now Managing Director of the company.
    He organizes, manages and manages all activities: Design, Realization, Implementation and Maintenance.

  5. Historique de la société, navettes fluviales électriques à Paris

    2 electrical shuttles navigate in river

    2 electrical shuttles was commissioned in Paris (80 pax) for the company ICADE. 2 others shuttles has been provided in 2009 and 2010.
    Currently the fleet transports more than 1 million of pax each year. This information confirm the technology maturity developed by Alternatives Energies.

  6. Historique de la société, Ferry-Boat de Marseille

    Ferry-Boat in Marseille

    Electric boat able to go in 2 directions.

  7. Historique de la société, Batteries Lithium Fer-Phospha

    Battery Lithium Fer-Phosphate

    Alternatives Energies moves from Nickel-Cadmium to Lithium Fer-Phosphate. This technology optimize the following elements : weight, autonomy, reliability, lifetime.

  8. Historique de la société, 2 passeurs aux Sables d’Olonne

    2 Passeurs

    Operated in Sables d’Olonne

  9. Historique de la société, Richard Hennessy II

    Richard Hennessy II

    Boat used by a private company able to transport 100 000 passengers per year. Used during the factory tour.


    Creation of the company NAVALT. Joint venture base in India and initiate by 3 companies:
    This company create ADITYA (solar boat).
  10. Historique de la société, deux navettes trans-rade Hybride Série pour le transport collectif de Toulon

    Trans-harbour shuttles hybrid serial

    Dedicated to the public transport of Toulon, Alternatives Energies put in service Propulsion-Energy Systems of 2 shuttles. The vessels work half of the time at 7 knots with battery system and half of the time at 12 knots with a generator. There are the first boat hybrid serial that connect 2 points during the full year and cross the sea.

  11. Historique de la société, Passeur de Concarneau

    Concarneau Shuttle

    In addition to batteries, the boat is equipped with a range extender (generator) that able to cover higher distances

  12. Historique de la société, EnergyBox

    EnergyBox, new concept to have energy on board

    EnergyBox, new concept to have energy on board
    As the name indicate, EnergyBox includes all the components who manage storage, conversion and distribution of electrical energy.
    We find batteries, chargers, motor drives, convertors, digital management, solar optimization and also cooling.
    The EnergyBox has only 4 I/O for motor, ManMachineInterface, Charging connection and solar panels. The box is connected by GSM for communication.

    This concept could be adapted in function to the autonomy and the power required

  13. Historique de la société, Aditya, 1er Navire Solaire en Inde 2 ans


    First Solar Boat in India, ADITYA was designed and realized by the Joint-Venture

    Bus de Mer

    Success Experimentation of a Bus de mer equipped with a fuel cell. After having all agreements, the system worked during 10 months. Following with real experimentation, the results show that the onboard technology was reliable and usable.

  14. solution navales bateau Bernard Palissy par Alternatives Energies


    Sightseeing river boat with large capacity,  BERNARD PALISSY 3. was the result of a collaboration with the ship owner : Les Croisières Charentaises.
    Unique in Europe, Electric-Solar Boat 149 pax, without noise and CO2 emission.
  15. Historique de la société, Volta, 2 passeurs à La Rochelle

    La Rochelle 2 News “Passeurs”

    Trust confirmation by the La Rochelle city.

    Alternatives Energies provides 2 new boats (VOLTA and AMPERE). This two shuttles replace the 2 first ones (after 15 and 20 years of service et several millions of passengers)

    In addition to a better solar capacity, motors are more powered and batteries offer higher autonomy.

    Inside, space and confort are improved.
    During winter, this 2 shuttle could realized the bus de mer route (link to “Les Minimes”)

    8 Multi-missions barges dedicated to National Marine

    1st barge delivered in 2017, Alternatives Energies deliver the propulsion-energy system to 7 others boats.

    First boat “with out passenger”, the hybrid system provide electric energy to all onboard systems (more energy than the propulsion).