Alternatives Energies

Expert Integrator in Energy-Propulsion Systems

Monday to Tuesday : 9 am – 6 pm Friday : 9 am – 5 pm 52 Rue Sénac de Meilhan, 17000 La Rochelle +33 5 46 50 29 87

The company

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Alternatives Energies
Alternatives Energies Expert en énergie et propulsion navales durables

Alternatives Energies

Expert in Sustainable Naval
Energy & Propulsion

Following the first 100% electric boat  made in La Rochelle in 1998, Alternatives Energies naturally became a pioneer in the integration of zero-emissions or hybrid propulsion-energy systems for professional navigation, by sea or waterways.

Solar-electric propelled boats and sightseeing buses, multi-mission barges with hybrid technology, hydrogen range extender… After more than 20 years, Alternatives Energies innovates in designing clean and custom-made solutions for your passenger boats and working vessels.

Our sole ambition : to make of each project a unique achievement, from design to maintenance, Alternatives Energies proposes global and connected solutions, capable of addressing all of yours demands on performance, and of tackling the challenge of reducing and noise emissions.

Our Philosophy

Towards more renewable energy

Meeting an ever-increasing global need for energy requires wasting as little as possible by improving energy efficiency and increasingly using less polluting and more renewable energy sources. This change will require acceptable technological changes for economic and social actors.

We wish to contribute to this challenge by proposing a new global approach to naval propulsion-energy systems and to the ships themselves, relying on efficient but proven technologies with three main objectives:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduction of noise and pollutant emissions from the production chain
  • Products and services meeting the technical and economic requirements of professional operation

Our team

Real referent as a system integrator

  • Philippe PALLU DE LA BARRIERE, Founder and President
  • Julian HELENE, General Director | Referent in Naval Architecture, Electrical Engineer (Expert in Electrical Architecture, energy storage system and electrical propulsion)
  • Nicolas FOLLIN, Project Engineer | Experience in integration and development of Energy-Propulsion Systems
  • Chloé DALLE PALLE, Design Engineer | Experience in Electrical Design and Regulation
  • Yohan GABORIEAU, Maintenance and After-Sales Manager | Multi-discipline technician (electric and mechanic marine)
  • Pierre ANTHOINE, Business Developer | Electrical Mobile Vehicle Development (Economic and technology)