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October 2020 Newsletter
Alternatives Energies Actus Partenaires
Alternatives Energies Actus Partenaires
Designed for dedicated marine and waterways applications, Batteries « Alternatives Energies » are in the process of being certified by Bureau Veritas Marine and Offshore.

Based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, batteries provide following advantages :
- High performances
- Stable and intrinsically secure behaviour
- Electrical & mechanical integration is easy and sure

Winner of the “Gussies” Electric Boat Awards in the category Electrical Boat dedicated to paying passengers (Awards organised by Plugboats.com)

The Boat Aditya equipped by Super-Solar System developed and commissioned by Alternatives Energies has been sailing for almost 3 years with leading energy performance.

Gussies refers to Gustave Trouvé, a French inventor who implemented several systems including outboard motors and batteries more than 150 years ago.

As a reminder, Aditya provides the connection 22 times a day between 2 banks spaced 2.5km apart in the Cochin region in India. More than un million of passengers take advantage of this transport, which uses almost exclusively solar energy to move forward.
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+33 546 502 987

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